We believe adaptive clothing is made for everybody, and that principle is best embraced in The Adaptive Collection.

Adaptive clothing

What is adaptive clothing?

Adaptive items use different features such as Velcro closures and magnetic buttons to make dressing easier, while still having the outward appearance of typical clothing. Other tweaks include using flat seams and replacing standard tags with tagless options to allow more comfort on the skin.

We want to help give you a boost of confidence with essential everyday pieces presented with our unique flair and innovative design aspects, making sure that we can all be dressed in clothing that is practical, stylish and easy to wear.

When could it be useful?

For those managing health conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, shoulder surgery recovery, edema, or hospital recovery. Adaptive clothing can get people back out Into the world and enjoying life. 

Adaptive clothing frequently looks like regular attire at a glance. The shapes united options include top and side opening shirts, easy snap pants and boxer shorts and, wrap-around style shirts and side opening dresses.

The Adaptive Collection of clothing is available for women, men & teens.

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some of the features of adaptive clothing

open sides or backs

These shirts and pants feature overlapping fabric panels in strategic areas that offer modesty while still providing easy dressing as well as access to catheters and other medical devices. The panels may be held in place by stamps, Velcro, and other fasteners, and the open slit may descend partway or all the way down the garment.

magnetic closures

If Velcro-like fasteners are too stiff for you, then seek out shirts and pants with magnetic closures. These closures are super easy to work. The magnets stay stuck together until you grasp the fabric panels and move them apart. Keep in mind that magnetic closures are not suitable for those who have pacemakers.

tagless tags

Tags can cause a lot of sensory issues for people, so if they bother you, then seek out garments that print the tag directly on the garment instead of having a separate bit of fabric flapping around. Then, you'll never have to worry about cutting out a tag and dealing with a rough seam again.

flattened seams, or seamless construction

Seams are often another source of discomfort for those with sensory issues. Look for garments that have flattened seams, or get rid of them altogether and go with seamless construction instead. You'll never have to worry about chafing again.

How adaptive clothing can help you or a loved one

Adaptive clothing can help you or a loved one to dress independently. Being able to dress yourself is very important for maintaining a sense of empowerment and independence, even when your ability to participate in other activities is compromised due to an injury, disability or age.

Adaptive clothing is also more comfortable and can improve your quality of life. The reduction of uncomfortable features (such as chunky metal zippers and binding waistbands) coupled with the inclusion of comfortable ones (such as seamless construction) make for a winning combination that is sure to make anyone feel better.

If you've never heard of adaptive clothing before – or if you have heard of it but never bothered to check it out – it's time to change that.

Check out our adaptive clothing for women, men or teens and men to see how it could help.

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If you have any questions regarding Adaptive Clothing, please do not hesitate to reach out.