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We are a brand for those with their own physical stories to tell.

We own all of our differences; offering fashion that aims to be kind to the world and the people in it.

We make it possible for our customers to express themselves through adaptive and inclusive fashion and design. We choose a more sustainable lifestyle incorporating circular fashion.

The brand mixes urban cool with a bold and definitive style. We are all about being brave, friendly, and fun while enabling everyone to embrace their own look.

We are the shapes united #wearetheshapesunited



the boxers/underwear

The boxer/underwear shorts have been specifically designed to feel great and provide support when you need it the most. They have been designed with hip reconstructions, general immobilisation and access to the hips in mind. Soft, durable cotton jersey.

the polo

The adaptable polo shirt is one for all occasions. Soft, adaptable, comfortable and pretty good looking. Made from uber-soft remnant material and secured by a combination of velcro and strong magnets. Can be opened left or right side. Flat seams, no tags for zero irritation. 

the pants

Straight leg pants with velcro opening at the side of the hip to allow easy access for rehabilitation and injuries of the hip, knee or leg. Made from soft remnant cotton jersey. Adjustable waist band, adjustable leg length, flat seams and tag-free for zero irritation.  Easy access and dressing for knee braces, moon boots and plaster casts.

the t-shirt

Freedom in a T-shirt. Soft, adaptable, comfortable and pretty good looking. Designed with shoulder reconstructions and upper limb injuries in mind, and reversible to cater for either arm. Invisible openings, flat seams, reversible to allow left or right side access. Made from soft touch cotton jersey with ethically sourced remnant materials. 


clothing matters. so does planet earth.

At the shapes united, we are committed to sustainable processes through every stage of the fashion life cycle, from agriculture, product development, and manufacturing, to packaging and recycling. 

Founding member of the Adaptive Clothing Collective

The Adaptive Clothing Collective brings strength and unity of message and voice to mainstream media, retail and the fashion industries.

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