The Shapes United Adaptive Clothing range is now available via Home Care Packages (HCP).


As people age, the simple task of dressing and undressing can become difficult.  Age well and keep your style with The Shapes United. Don't let dressing issues hold you back from doing the activities they love.

Adaptive clothing can make dressing easier, prolonging independence and activity.


For people who are our Older Australian, classify themselves as seniors and who are caregivers, The Shapes United Adaptive Clothing range can help overcome challenges stemming from physical limitations. In doing so, wearers can gain back their independence.

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Why adaptive clothing?

Clothing and fashion can have a tremendous positive effect on an individual's mental and physical well-being, for several reasons:

Individuals with conditions that cause pain often experience painful joint movements when dressing and undressing. In limiting the need for these movements, adaptive clothing offers pain relief.

The ability to dress independently can grant wearers—especially those who don’t like to be handled—more freedom in their daily lives. It can also reduce the emotional stress people feel when they can no longer do tasks that were once easy for them.

Being able to dress in a way that represents one’s identity can go a long way toward restoring a sense of confidence for wearers.

Caregivers can also exert less time and energy on helping their patients dress.

The Shapes United offers many adaptive options that can make life easier for elderly and disabled individuals such as:

A top opening polo shirt featuring innovative openings on both sides on the chest, flat seams, wide openings, and no tags.

Wrap-Shirts which are secured with durable, but very soft Velcro, flat seams, and no tags.

Top opening dress pants with an adaptive Velcro top opening closure, super soft, and no tags.

Dresses with custom adaptive features, invisible openings, flat seams, no tags.

A side opening t-shirt with adaptive openings on the sides of the chest, flat seams, and no tags.

Side opening pants with adaptive openings on the side, flat seams, and no tags

Wrap around boxer shorts with adaptive openings on both sides, flat seams, and no tags 

Iron on pockets that are perfect for those experiencing temporary or long-term limited mobility issues. Place the iron on pocket in strategic areas that are easier to reach.

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Home Care Packages (HCP)

It has been determined that The Shapes United Adaptive Clothing range is considered as “acceptable use of government funds delivered within Home Care Package budgets … sitting within Level 2, 3 or 4” as providers can easily assess the benefits and features to “enable participants to remain living safely and independently in their home and/or improve health and wellbeing”.

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If you would like further information regarding the Adaptive Clothing Collection for yourself or a loved one, please do not hesitate to reach out.