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If you own a store, or health practice and are interested in reselling or wholesaling the shapes united clothing, then we would love to hear from you.  We strive to build great relationships with our retailers and appreciate any feedback regarding our products and of course our service too. Our goal is to grow and build our brand and we recognise the importance of our retailers. We aim to build lasting relationships with our retailers and are committed to delivering only the highest quality products and the highest quality service to you guys. We also try our hardest to come up with the best adaptive clothing solutions in the marketplace, allowing you the ability to give your clients the best possible service.

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Adaptive fashion is specialised clothing that blends fashion and function to make getting dressed easier, pain-free, and convenient for differently-abled people.

the shapes united adaptive fashion collection is created using easy touch closures, magnetic buttons, super-soft velcro, elastic waists, wider necklines and higher rises in pants.

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What is sensory-friendly fashion?

Sensory-friendly fashion refers to clothes that are conscious of the often uncomfortable aspects of clothing, and make an attempt to rectify them. This might mean using breathable material, soft seams, and not including irritating brand or care labels.



The Wrap Around Boxer Shorts

These boxer shorts are more comfortable than any regular boxers. Easy-on, easy-off hidden super-soft velcro closures on both sides at the waist and sides, giving customers the comfort and style of classic men’s briefs without the hassle of getting their feet and legs through a leg opening. Easy to put on independently and take off quickly.

The top opening polo shirt

The contemporary and modern polo is ideal for self or assisted dressing. Ultra-soft. Ultra-stylish. This top is so roomy and comfortable that everyone just wants to disappear into it. For a cut that works whether lounging or ideal as a post-surgical top as it features easy closure super-soft velcro and magnets that open on both sides for easy access.

the side opening pants

These straight leg pants feature super-soft yet sturdy velcro closures along the side seams for easy access to the waist, hips, upper and lower leg. No need to fully undress, ideal for doctor visits and allow easy access for casts, catheters, and easy changes for incontinence. Designed to aid patients, caregivers & medical professionals. This post-surgical pant is tailored with super soft cotton fabric to provide added comfort, quality & functionality while maintaining dignity.

the side opening t-shirt

This everyday tee is ideal for self or assisted dressing. Ultra-soft. Ultra-stylish. This top is so roomy and comfortable and works perfectly when lounging or as a post-surgical top as it features easy closure super-soft velcro and magnets along the side seams for easy access when visiting a medical professional.



Comfortable and easy to get on and off with some practice.

Side Opening T-Shirt

Product looks great and seems practical

The products seem to be easy to use (ie I found the hook and eye easier than the button version) however I have yet to put them to the test due to a delay in my surgery.

Traditional Clip & Hook Underwear

24/7 support

The most comfortable pants I own! True to size.

The Comfy Pants

No Risk, Low Startup Cost & Innovative Products

awesome product catalogue

Our adaptive & sensory clothing range is constantly expanding. This awesome catalogue has some of our products but not all of them. We try to update as often as we can

If you have any questions or would like more information about the shapes united and becoming a stockist then please reach out. 

You can get in touch via the details below: 

Penny Weber

email: hello@theshapesunited.com

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