The Sensory Collection

Calming Sensory Clothing Can Make a World of Difference

Many of us are also extra sensitive to the texture and feel of clothing. It can be a daily battle for those with sensory conditions, menopause, or who need to wear clothing underneath splints or braces, or simply ‘feel’ fabrics more due to sensitivity.

The solution can be simple though. Sensory clothing is designed to be comfortable. 

Thankfully you can find reliable sensory clothing at the shapes united for just this purpose. The garments we offer are made with ultra-soft 100% cotton jersey, seamless and tag-free for all-day lasting comfort. This calm clothing is ideal for everyday wear and makes it much easier for those with conditions such as ADHD, autism and Asperger’s.

No itchy seams, labels, lumps, bumps, or uncomfortable clothes are allowed at the shapes united!

Our timeless Sensory Collection of everyday clothing has been well-designed to alleviate sensitivities, provide kindness in comfort, can be gender-neutral, so you can hand-me-down, recycle and up-cycle to your heart’s content - and to Mother Nature’s delight, and will make you feel good too.

The Sensory Collection of clothing is available for women, men & teens.